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A Salt Lake City officer who shot at a suicidal man after the man opened fire on police last July won’t face criminal charges, prosecutors announced Friday.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said that officer Abel Bromley reasonably believed — as outlined in Utah law — that he and other officers were in imminent danger after the man, Navada Escholt, fired at them.

Bromley fired a single shot back, which did not strike Escholt. Escholt, 42, fatally shot himself soon after, according to Gill’s finding letter.

Three officers — Bromley and two others, identified only as “Dunn” and “Benzon” — responded to Escholt’s apartment near 1600 West and 800 North on July 20, just after noon. Escholt’s wife had called police to say that he was suicidal, had a gun and needed an ambulance, the letter said. She told police Escholt had been drinking and hadn’t taken his prescription medication.

Officers knocked on Escholt’s door as well as others in the apartment complex and tried calling Escholt. When no one answered, the officers moved about 90 feet away from the apartments to the sidewalk, Gill said.


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