CANTALOUPE 2 0000 MALVERN PA charge on my Credit Card

What is this charge on my credit card?

What is a cantaloupe charge on my bank account?

This charge has been made through the Cantaloupe payment system. Cantaloupe is a payment platform that businesses implement to accept cashless digital payments. Cantaloupe is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and is the reason you see the charge on your card as Malvern PA followed by CANTALOUPE 2 0000 . Cantaloupe, Inc., previously known as USA Technologies Inc. Charges could still display with the old company name on some machines.

Some of the formats the Cantaloupe charge may display on your statements:

  1. cantaloupe 2 0000 malvern pa
  2. cantaloupe 2 0000
  3. cantaloupe 2 0000 malvern pa credit card charge
  4. cantaloupe 2 credit card charge
  5. cantaloupe 2 malvern pa
  6. cantaloupe malvern pa charge
  7. cantaloupe 2 0000 malvern
  8. USA Technologies Inc.

The types of businesses you would have used your credit card at to have a statement display CANTALOUPE 2 0000 MALVERN PA:

Digital operated massage chairs in the mall

Ice vending machines at hotels, convenience stores, and grocery stores

Self-service car wash where you pay for the time and sometimes different services of soap and foams

Vending machines that can include, candy, products, chips, drinks, items at the airport, etc.

Air pump at gas stations. Sadly air is not free at all places you fill up your gas tank

Self serve coffee machines that are generally seen at co-working spaces

Penny press vending machines at Disneyland, Universal Studios, and other theme parks.

Photo booth at birthdays, parties, events, etc.

If you have not used your credit card anywhere that would resemble some of the above uses, call or login into your card company and place the card on a hold or report as stolen.

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